$10 Discount

Indomitable Indeed !!!

Some people we encounter leave a lasting impression on us. Some can even revolutionize how we think and transform how we live. Give Jeremiah a fair chance and he will gladly do this to you.

Jeremiah endured avalanches of peril on a daily diet of angst. He was the rope in a massive tug-a-war between his people and his God. But rather than crawl into a shell to “survive”, Jeremiah expended himself daily to prevent his nation and his people from disappearing. He cared for his people and grew to care for his God. His story is profound.

Painstakingly researched, creatively expressed, Howard introduces a perspective on Jeremiah previously overlooked. You are invited to “meet” this man, trace his roller-coaster ride, and see for yourself what made him “tick.”

For a limited time this book is available for $14.99, rather than the retail price of $24.99. To get this discount, click on the link below and purchase directly from the printer. Take a closer look there, then select the print book and enter the code –  10off.

Happy encounters with incredible Jeremiah!

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