Special Introductory Offer

A Book like no other, about a most underappreciated man: Indomitable Spokesperson for Deity – Prophet Jeremiah.

Available worldwide through Amazon and other retailers, in both print and eBook formats. 275 pages.

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Seems a warning is in order. An old man in the grave for 2500 years shouldn’t be considered “armed and dangerous.” But the human subject of this book, Jeremiah son of Hilkiah, isn’t happy to remain a historical curiosity. If you are fortunate to “meet” him, in Scripture and the pages of this book, you will not come out the same.

He challenges, he stretches, and he motivates. For the last 10 years, this relentless man, Jeremiah Ben Hilkiah, has been hounding me on all sides. He exposes serious shortcomings. Challenges us to see clearer, do more, and be better. This pesky man doesn’t quit!

Jeremiah was honest and uncompromising with God. Transparent and forthright among people. He had doubts and failures; but was genuine to the core. I want to be like him.

Hope he will hound you too.

He suffered because of his open and caring heart. Amidst this suffering, he shared a rare closeness with the True and Living God. This heart-relationship is the “treasure buried in a field,” the “pearl of great price.” Interactive relationship with our Creator and Father. Life with Him makes us cherish and invest more in our family members, our friends, and every needy person in our lives. Because God excels in compassion, life with Him makes us more involved with all of them.

We are truly, truly, truly blessed to know HIM and live as his people on this planet. Amen.

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