Learning Together

Learning Together

Far more than a catch-phrase, “learning together” is a great way to live and interact and grow. In days past, cooperative learning required living in the same geographical community. Today we can connect instantaniously with people the world over. PTL. Often it is specific, shared interests bring us together. 

All individuals and groups interested in the the book and person of Jeremiah in are invited to participate in this community. Jeremiah is the toughest book in the Bible. It is also an outstanding contributor to Judaism and Christianity. Let’s permit him to continue to speak and challenge and inspire the world we live in today.



  • “Unlike most people, I count Jeremiah as one of my favorite Bible books. As a writer, I identify with his melancholy personality. I’m learning a lot from your book. I like the unorthodox layout and organization. You worked hard on it!” July 25, 2020.

    Philip Yancey

  • “Reggie, again and again I see now just why you wrote this book. I feel in many ways a very very foolish and self-centered slob in the realization of how I, like most of us I guess, are so self-centered in never ever thinking about the Lord’s deep hurt and pain for being ignored and not treated as a Father, as I long for myself to be treated by my own daughter.”

    Rob N.Z.